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Year 1976…not quite

So, the goal for this week was to read these:

Needless to say, it didn’t happen.  The Newbery winner was book four in a five book series and I didn’t want to just pick up in the middle of a story line again.  Plus, these books are really, really awesome and I was excited for the challenge.  Unfortunately some other things demanded my attention.  One being:

This is the baby blanket for Missy’s little guy Caleb.  I wanted it to be finished in time for her baby blessing (shower) that was yesterday.  Mission accomplished on this one.

This also needed my attention:

especially since I checked it out from Movie Madness and needed to have it returned by Friday.  The goal was to watch the whole season in five days.  Needless to say this didn’t happen either.

My goal for this week is to finish book three and four by Tuesday or Wednesday, so be looking for a mid-week post!


3 thoughts on “Year 1976…not quite

  1. I (for one… and a half) am so glad that you put time and effort into the BEAUTIFUL blanket that you made for Caleb. I showed it to Chris this morning and he said, “Ooh, look at the squarey pattern! Cool! It looks like a sweater!” …err… after clarifying that he meant it looked WARM and WELL-MADE, I agreed.

    Can’t wait for a midweek post. It will be a special treat. Like dessert before dinner.

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