Newbery Book Review

The Westing Game

Still sick.  Going on day 8 now.  I’m hoping that this is the final day of feeling puny and then I can get to feeling more like my usual self.  The good part about being sick this past week is that I finished The Westing Game in record time.  I actually was kind of depressed when I finished it because it was such a good book and with it’s conclusion I felt a sort of loss.

The Westing Game is just that: a game played by specifically chosen individuals who are extended the invitation to live in Sunset Towers.   Mr. Westing (of Westing paper products) has been murdered and in his will he lays out the rules of the “game” where the players are supposed to find out who among them is the murderer.  It’s a fascinating story because you get caught up trying to solve the puzzle but you also get quick snapshots of each player and their character development throughout the story.  It’s impressive how well Ellen Raskin wrote the story because even though it’s not a terribly long book you still feel connected to several characters at once and feel like you know each of their stories as if it were your own.

Once again this is not quite up to par, but I need to go lay down.  Oh the joys of a head cold.

Till next time…


5 thoughts on “The Westing Game

  1. In spite of your head/chest cold your review makes me want to read the book. In my book that’s an ace in the hole!! Hope tomorrow brings less congestion, snot and all that goes with it. Can I just say again…apple cid..e..r…..v..i.n…..

  2. Nicely done, sicky. May I sincerely applaud your commitment to prior engagements despite feeling so under the weather? You read and blogged the Newbery AND drove 180 miles just to have breakfast with a friend. What a frickin trooper.

    Apple cider vinegar. She’s right. You know it. Do it.

  3. I read the book. It took me longer than anticipated. I loved it! So fun, and I feel like the oldest book I have read that probably helped introduce the “absurdity” genre to children’s lit. Thank you for the heads up. Oh and I read Sarah Plain and Tall (my Newbery birth year) and LOVED it , so cute and took like 20 min to read.

  4. Westing Game read in two days – best book I have read in a long time! I too was sad to see it end. I’m also sad that Raskin didn’t write more children’s books! Thanks for the borrow – i loved it!
    – Molls

  5. OH and one more thing: I was continually impressed the way Raskin jumped from one characters point of view to the next so seamlessly! That is no easy task! I found myself just knowing that it was Hoo’s voice or Sandy’s voice when it didn’t even explicitly say so. Genius!

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