Newbery Book Review

Joyful Noise: Poems for two voices


The following poems were written to be read aloud by two readers at once, one taking the left-hand part, the other taking the right-hand part.  The poems should be read from top to bottom, the two parts meshing as in a musical duet.  When both readers have lines at the same horizontal level, those lines are to be spoken simultaneously.

(From the intro to Fleischman’s, A Joyful Noise)

So, that’s what we did.

And it was really fun, as well as surprisingly difficult.  There were lines that were supposed to be read at the same time but while some were the same for both readers sometimes they were different and it got real confusing.  But definitely fun.  I’m a huge fan of not only reading a good book by myself but of reading it out loud and being read to.  In fact, some of my fondest memories surrounding the Harry Potter books have to do with my friend, Little Amy reading them out loud to me in my dorm room at Multnomah.  And just last night I fell asleep to Forrest reading Calvin and Hobbes to me.  Another reason, I enjoyed this one so much is because I have a new found appreciation for poetry thanks to my brother.  I don’t know how many of you have taken the time to look at my blogroll, but one of the sites listed is called Garden of Words, which are poems written by Andrew.  I love it.  Usually poetry is tough for me to get.  Sure, I like the way it sounds but my heart beat in literature resides in fiction.  But reading Andrew’s poetry has given me a new appreciation for the genre, and in doing so probably prepped me to really enjoy this collection of poems about insects.   I would go into more detail about the honeybees, book lice and cicadas that are the stars of the fourteen poems excellently crafted by Mr. Paul Fleischman, but, alas, my dog just had surgery because she had an abscess anal gland.  Gross but true.  Here’s to being thankful that God didn’t create humans with anal glands.

Till next time…


2 thoughts on “Joyful Noise: Poems for two voices

  1. Amen to that sister! (In regards to not having anal glands) Gross. But poor Frannie…what an invasion of privacy. Hope she mends quickly.

    I love that you wrote about Andrew’s poetry and that he has given you a new appreciation
    for poetry. I wholeheartedly concur!!!!!

  2. 1. My love for HP came from listening to Little Amy read them aloud to you. I had to know what was going on, because she read it so engagingly.
    2. Polaroid photo above looks like one of those vintage 1950s photos that gets turned into a sarcastic magnet or coin purse.
    3. Thank you for linking Andrew’s excellent poetry blog. Adding it to my Blogroll.
    4. TMI on Fran.

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