Down to Business

To those who read my blog (mom and missy) I think it’s time I got down to business and resume the quest.  It has, sadly, been pushed aside but I’m taking it up again with renewed zeal and zest (-fully clean?).  I’ve decided to read a Newbery book a week (gulp), which might not be wholly realistic considering my current work load is about as heavy as an anvil (remember in Gilmore Girls when Lorelai wants to know where all the anvils have gone? i just watched that episode so anvils are on the brain), but I want to give it a go.  This week I am re-reading “The Giver” and even though I know it’s not necessary I really do want to.  So, I started it today and will henceforth give myself a week to finish, ponder and write about those ponderings.  Check back here in exactly one week and a bright and shiny new post will be…uh…posted.

Till next time…


6 thoughts on “Down to Business

  1. Hooray for new goals tho I have to say it’s a HUGE challenge with the ridiculous hours that you now work as well as all the activities that you manage to cram into a week…even a single day! In light of that I hope that the moments you have to read will be completely refreshing and a soothing balm to your work weary soul.

    • So I keep checking your blog and find no new ones :(. Come on girls…for people who love living vicariously through others…much younger…we are starving here.

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