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this space is meant for books that have won the newbery award. if you’ve been reading previous posts this is something you know to be true. but this particular post is going against the grain. honestly, i just haven’t gotten the gumption up to write about the next winner…The Giver by Lois Lowry. i feel like a decent re-read through is in order before i lay it all out there and i am dragging my feet for this particular project. in the meantime, enjoy the randomness forthcoming…

heavy thoughts have been weighing heavily on my mind lately. i usually get like this around may/june because for the last three years this is about the time where i pack my bags – all of them – and move to a new spot. usually it’s to a completely new part of town and this year is no different. forrest and i are embarking on a moving adventure in just under three weeks to the cutest little yellow house known to mankind. while i can’t wait for the 7th to hurry up and get here i can’t help but feel a little bit of sadness as i let go of our current apartment. probably understandable because it’s been our first apartment as newly married’s and in it has held a lot of hard and precious things.


the other heavy thing weighing on me is obituaries and/or death. at work we often have donor’s call or notify us of loved ones passing and we have to search for that person’s obituary online and then mark them as deceased in their record. since i specialize in data entry i get to do a lot of these and more so in the last few days. this has prompted a very solemn realization that life is really short. today as i was putting in a woman’s birthday and then deathday i wondered about the person who would eventually do the same for me. i don’t want to dwell on death too much but it’s definitely been a regular thought floating in my brain.

third, and actually having to do with literature: i finished this book which was recommended by amy wood called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. i was extremely moved, horrified and disgusted with it. most of it centers around the idea of people, adults, watching other people, kids actually, kill each other as entertainment. there is a lot more to it than that but for the sake of length we’ll leave it there. i was horrified by the characters in the book but almost more so by my own fascination in the story. i could not put the book down. i read it on breaks at work, on the max, during my volunteer hours at the learning center, before bed, while making dinner – well, you get the picture. the thing is, i want everyone to read it. it’s too thought-provoking of a book to read alone and i want to talk about it with you without spoiling anything. it raised a lot of questions for me about the philosophy of life and, as most good books do, gave me a chance to see a side of humanity that i don’t regularly give much thought to.

hunger games

i think that’s it for now. i probably won’t venture here again until we’ve moved because my time will most likely be filled up by packing. it’s the only time i kind of wish we didn’t own so many books…


2 thoughts on “year-less

  1. Great post! I look forward to reading “Hunger Games!”… well except for the part about finding my own fascination with death and killing.

  2. so i’m intrigued by the book. i agree with 4rest comments. so it’s on the list for the library. as for the house…whoo hoo for new homes! yes it’s hard to say goodbye to a place that has precious memories of your first year together. but the bonus
    of a normal bathroom and not a tunnel….and the fact that you can find something at goodwill and 4rest won’t have to lug it up all those flights of stairs. whew. i can’t wait for you to move into the perfect house known to mankind. it will be as inviting as your current perfect nest.

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