Newbery Book Review

Bud, Not Buddy

As I searched online the other day to refresh my memory in regards to the winner of year 2000 my reaction to it being Bud, Not Buddy was an immediate smile. This book was simply delightful. Simply. On a rather random note, has anyone else ever noticed or experienced the sensation that some books resemble a specific color? I already know I’m weird when it comes to stuff like this. I was the kid who thought that each piece of silverware or notes on a scale had a different personality. But whether it’s the setting of the story itself or even the topic matter it seems like some books, more than others, bring a color to mind. To me, this particular book is the color blue, and I’m not just saying that because on certain copies the cover is blue, although I think that probably contributes to it. One of the “blue” factors is a major theme in the book is jazz music, and who doesn’t think of at least the word ‘blue’ when thinking about jazz? To me, the instruments played for jazz have a sort of soulful blue sound to them that can’t help but make you feel both melancholy and energized all at once. Blue is also a rather cold color and even though this book takes place in the south I don’t think that cold has to be limited to the climate. Bud, who is NOT to be called Buddy, is all alone after leaving the orphanage and he’s on the hunt for a father he knows is out there. His life, although tempered with comical moments, is rather sad and as the reader you can’t help but feel his aloneness and desire for a family acutely.

All in all this story is a tear jerker and like I said before, delightful. It’s the sweetness of Bud’s personality and character that endeared the story to me right away. Along with the fact that he has a whole mess of rules that he tells the reader about when situations arise. I’m not one to laugh out loud often from reading a book but this one definitely brought that out. If you can’t already tell, I recommend it!! Read it! And if you think of the color blue while reading let me know!



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