Newbery Book Review

The Tale of Despereaux & Crispin: The Cross of Lead

the-tale-of-despereaux This is a double whammy of a post! That just means that I am writing about two books in one post instead of giving them each one of their very own. This is so that I can more quickly get caught up to where I’m actually reading. This is also so that when I read a Newbery book I can immediately write about it instead of painstakingly trying to remember what I thought of a book I read at least a year ago. But, back to the subject at hand

As most of you readers know, The Tale of Desperaux is currently in a movie theater near you, and no, I have not yet seen it. I actually had mixed feelings about the movie coming out because it seems that Hollywood likes to makes movies out of, well, everything. Now, I loved this book and the colorful way it is written and the imaginative adventure it takes you on. My reason for being sad of it made into a movie is that kids might possibly miss out on the adventure of reading about Desperaux and just go see the movie instead. Maybe the movie will inspire kids to read the book, which would be great, but now they’ll have all the pictures already done for them thanks to the movie and won’t have much room left for their own imagination to flex its muscles. Apparently this review is a soap box on movies vs. books. :) Suffice it to say, I loved this book! I immediately fell in love with the mouse who is so different from all of his other mouse fellows and had big dreams for his life. It definitely makes my list of favorite books of all time.

n54485 Part two of my review is Crispin: The Cross of Lead. Oh man, I loved this one too. I wasn’t sure what my reaction would be when I started reading it, but I really enjoyed this adventure story set in Medieval times. The story is about a boy, Crispin, who is poor and loses his mom, the only family he knows of. Very quickly he becomes a fugitive from his own village because of being implicated for committing various crimes…which of course he didn’t do. It is extremely predictable but the characters are well developed and you feel sympathy for Crispin. I would also recommend this one for a fun adventure read that has some intrigue thrown in for good measure.


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