Newbery Book Review


513m51v3qcl On the cover of this Newbery award winner is a quote that says:  “An unforgettable story.”  I would have to agree.  It is definitely a story that is fraught with emotions and the tender moments that only come from a sibling relationship.  From the first page, even looking at the cover, it felt like this one was going to be sad…yeah…it was.  But in addition to being emotional, tender moment-y and sad it was also interesting to read about people from a different culture living in the states.  It shows the difficult and poor side of life for those who worked in the factories and the confusing blend of naivete and understanding that existed for the two sisters.

It’s been awhile since I read this one (another Barnes and Noble read) and I just remember being sad at how sad and realistic it was but I also remember feeling involved in the story.  My recommendation:  read it!


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