Newbery Book Review

The Higher Power of Lucky

Higher Power of Lucky I read this one during my working days at Barnes and Noble, and upon completion I made an interesting discovery about my preference in children’s literature. I don’t really like the realistic ones that deal with complicated life issues or depressing situations. Most of my favorites are the ones that have to do with talking animals, imaginary worlds and optimistic children…you know, happy stories. Does this make me shallow? I don’t think so. I think that as I grow older a part of my ability to dream and imagine is lost and by reading children’s books I am actively pursuing those things that come so naturally to kids. But, I am a complicated individual so all this isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy a good thought provoking children’s book or one that makes me cry. I enjoy those emotions too. But I didn’t necessarily enjoy them in this 2007 medal winner.

The Higher Power of Lucky is short, sad, intriguing but ends really well…from what I remember. I don’t remember being overly impressed by it, but perhaps a second read would change my mind about it. I think I was drawn to this book because the cover looks so cool, but I think that the book itself disappointed me a little. Oh well. I guess I can’t love every Newbery book, can I?


One thought on “The Higher Power of Lucky

  1. As evidenced by your recommendations of Ida Bee and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, you certainly do not have a shallow taste in literature. Thanks for being honest about this – it would be a little monotonous if you loved and recommended ALL the books on your quest.

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